Associate Membership

Associate Studios are defined as studios consisting of 2 or more artists. The annual fee for an Associate Studio membership is £25 x number of artists.

For this annual fee, Associate Studios will benefit from:

-           a range of artist talks and Networking opportunities

-           opportunities to apply for ENAS funded commissions/ residencies

-           opportunities to sell and exhibit work through ENAS events

-           participation in ENAS Open Studios

-           opportunities to attend CPD events (booked on a first-come basis)

-           a fortnightly e-newsletter

-           access to the membership blog and forums


Associate Studios include:

The Waiting Room

Hylands Estate Artists' Studios

Hippo Screenprinters

Studio 19

Slamsey's Artist Studios


Is Associate Studio membership the right option for me?

Associate Studios could be established, independent groups of artists who have worked together for some time. Alternatively, they could also be the result of new connections and initiatives perhaps amongst recent graduates, newcomers to the area or existing members of ENAS who wish to start their own group. Please contact us if you have any questions about setting up or becoming a member of an Associate Studio or would like to discuss these options.