Glasshaus XIII

Glasshaus XIII
25th September

The highly successful annual glass exhibition is now in its thirteenth year and this time will be focussed on the interaction between glass and science. It will show how scientific principles, either physical or chemical, can be exploited in the making process – or how science can directly influence the production, or be the subject of the artwork. 

Many aspects of science are represented. The science laboratory has inspired one of the regular exhibitors at Glasshaus to apply fanciful glass decoration to syringes. Another artist exhibits his version of retorts. The work of two other artists relates the extreme forces of black holes in the universe. Another has made a wall piece based on the radar system used to ensure the safe running of the aeroplanes around the world.

Inspired by medical science a series of pieces show the reimagining of what an organic cell is. Four linked pieces by another artist represent the morphologies of red blood cells.

Many of the exhibitors have been involved in the science of glass making to create their art. Casting glass is all about science in action. The many materials and stages of the process involved in creating a cast glass object are a seamless fusion of art and science.

Science is a vast subject, but glass making can encompass a large array of techniques and results too, also showing imagination and innovation. Many can be seen in this exhibition which is interesting as well as enjoyable.