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For 2014 – 2016, ENAS will operate 3 strands of membership: Foundation Studios, Associate Studios and Affiliated Artists.

During this time, membership for studio holders of Foundation Studios will be free, as their members have given many hours of their time to develop and shape ENAS. The membership fee for Affiliate Artists is £25 per year, and for Associate Studios the membership fee is is £25 x number of artists in the studio.

To help you select which membership option best fits your needs, we have included some further information about the benefits. Click on the links below to read more:


Benefits include:

  • a range of artist talks and networking opportunities

  • opportunities to apply for ENAS funded commissions/ residencies

  • opportunities to sell and exhibit work through ENAS events

  • participation in ENAS Open Studios

  • opportunities to attend CPD events (booked on a first-come basis)

  • a fortnightly e-newsletter

  • access to the membership blog and forums


Please confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of ENAS membership before registering as a member.


*** Please note that Membership fees will be subsidised for 2 years and may be subject to change