Cuckoo Farm Studios

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Cuckoo Farm Studios

Cuckoo Farm Studios is an artist run organisation formed in 1992, in converted farm buildings on the northern outskirts of the historical town of Colchester.

Cuckoo Farm Studios is more than a provider of studio space for artists. It is a creative community of artists, studios holders and associates. Working across many creative disciplines that have the opportunity to interact with their peers, participate in collaborative projects and exhibitions, as well as pursue their own creative practice and development.

Cuckoo Farm Studios aims to be a significant local and regional creative centre, which values the artistic process above all else. 'Cuckoo Farm Studios primary purpose is to provide affordable studio space for artists and craftspeople. The purpose of the space is to provide a conducive working environment that gives the opportunity for interaction between studio holders, associates and other creative’s within the artistic community that will facilitate professional development and afford an enrichment of the cultural life of the region'.


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Currently there are no studios available, applications are still accepted on a first come first serve basis