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Alan Taylor

I represent a wonderful talented artist from Overseas. Her work is quite amazing working Art, Oil on canvas, paper and pottery. Her artwork in various categories is on the cutting edge of becoming known worldwide.
I am a dual citizen born in London, but lived in The USA for 43 years (citizenship UK/USA) now residing in Clayhall, Essex. Served in The US military and spent14 months in Vietnam during The war in that country & Cambodia in 1972/3; wounded 3 times decorated and then received an Honourable Discharge. I am now retired (1st. Sgt. US Army) and have been buying and selling artwork world wide. I represent an unknown artist "Bella" who resides in Israel a multi talented artist her artwork as I said before ranges from oils on canvas & paper to china ware and painted pottery an exceptional artist. I have been collecting & purchasing artwork for many years; many of which are in storage as the houses here are to small to hang the quantity I have, many are rolled and contained in Tubes. I often auction in Europe with many artist not familiar in The UK. Possibly looking for an outlet with one of your current shops and also buying collectables for re-sale. So at this time I am not sure of what membership I would need. Also the fact is I have never visited Hyland House but came highly recomended to me by a dear relative and hope to visit this weekend. I am partialy disabled so some times it is difficult driving places, however you are not to far from my current location but looking to move in several months.
290 Fullwell Avenue Clayhall,
Barkingside IG5 0SA
Artist Lora Zombie, Urban Art,
Lora Zombie work in Pencil 2013
Diamond Dogs Original poto by Terry Oneill
Copied from The Original by "Bella"