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Chris Scott

Chris is originally from Cumbria and now lives and practices art in Essex. He is one of the artists at The Hive Artist Studio, Chelmsford.
Chris studied Fine Art and Public Art in the North East of England at Sunderland University, and previously Design at Cumbria College of Art & Design. At University he was interested in conceptualism and video art which was still then very much in its infancy. Creating short films such as, ‘Like a fish out of water’, and ‘Bin there, done that’, which were exhibited at the Street Level Gallery in Glasgow. These influences can still be seen in his work today. For some time he took a departure from the art world and embarked on careers in the Prison Service and in the Police Service as a Sergeant. His experiences in these fields can be seen influencing some of his latest art work. Please have a look at his website
Wrapped man, 'What were we fighting for?'
Wrapped man
'Untitled Pigeon/balloon'
'Untitled Pigeon/balloon'
'Life cycle 2' in situ at Chelmsford Museum
Wrapped bike. 'Life cycle 2'