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Debbie Ayles

I am a painter who is interested primarily in lines, patterns + spaces. I use architecture as my main subject matter as it offers a limitless variety of opportunities to create work based on these elements.
I paint in watercolour and acrylic on paper and canvas. I choose buildings encased by scaffolding and reflections in glass office blocks. Both present random shapes that are an important part of the composition. A support network of metal poles offers an increased complexity to the image as do the confusing patterns found in shadows and reflections in windows. I photograph those that appear to have the qualities that I feel can be transformed into a stimulating subject matter. Back in the studio I carefully considered for their potential. I draw and redraw them, select, manipulate and refocus on certain areas. The chance effects that the photographs throw up are included in the final image. Each subject lends itself to a different representation: some to pure linear treatments; others, a complicated mosaic of colours solidify the structures formed from the drawing; or a ghostly segmented image fused onto a colourful background layer. I have been selected to show in London exhibitions of contemporary painting by the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Royal Institute of Painters In Water Colour and the Royal Watercolour Society, The London Group, The New English Art Club, ING DIscerning Eye and the Science Museum. I show in a variety of venues in East Anglia both in selected and solo exhibitions. I have a solo exhibition at the [email protected] London in March 2017 showing my Cityscapes and other new work. I also take commissions and have painted a variety of diverse buildings for private clients.
Garrison: New Construction
Corner House with Scaffolding
Reflections II
A Place in the Sun
Love Bus
Cityscape XI