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Eddie Bacon

Light Artist
This current collection of work is inspired by manipulating light and time to paint with light or more commonly known as Light Painting. This process has fascinated me for some years and I have been trying to understand the technique and adapt it to create my own unique collection of work. The technique consists of manipulating the exposure on a digital camera from 10 seconds to 10 minutes with all the images straight from the camera with no post editing. The lighting tools I use range from a simple torchlight to Electroluminescent (EL) wire to the embers of burning steelwool, any light source can be used and you do not need expensive equipment or wealth of photography experience. I have no formal training and prefer to learn from doing, collaborating and gaining an understanding of how things work. Light Painting for me is more of an expression that allows me to lose myself in different projects, ideas and concepts to create something that is truly magical and mysterious.
23 St Julian grove
Colchester Co1 2pz
the centre
hungry ghosts
fluid light
duel of the fates
light tunnel
the chair